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GridAggregationFunction Interface

Grid aggregation function definition interface.


import { GridAggregationFunction } from '@mui/x-data-grid-premium';


Name Type Default Description
apply (params: GridAggregationParams<V>) => AV | null | undefined Function that takes the current cell values and generates the aggregated value.
columnTypes? string[] Column types supported by this aggregation function.
If not defined, all types are supported (in most cases this property should be defined).
getCellValue? (params: GridAggregationGetCellValueParams) => V Function that allows to transform the value of the cell passed to the aggregation function applier.
Useful for aggregating data from multiple row fields.
hasCellUnit? boolean true Indicates if the aggregated value have the same unit as the cells used to generate it.
It can be used to apply a custom cell renderer only if the aggregated value has the same unit.
label? string apiRef.current.getLocaleText('aggregationFunctionLabel{capitalize(name)}) Label of the aggregation function.
Will be used to add a label on the footer of the grouping column when this aggregation function is the only one being used.
valueFormatter? (params: GridValueFormatterParams<AV>) => FAV Function that allows to apply a formatter to the aggregated value.
If not defined, the grid will use the formatter of the column.