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Time picker

Time pickers allow the user to select a single time.

The selected time is indicated by the filled circle at the end of the clock hand.

Basic usage

The time picker is rendered as a modal dialog on mobile, and a textbox with a popup on desktop.

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Static mode

It's possible to render any time picker inline. This will enable building custom popover/modal containers.

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The time picker component is designed and optimized for the device it runs on.

  • The MobileTimePicker component works best for touch devices and small screens.
  • The DesktopTimePicker component works best for mouse devices and large screens.

By default, the TimePicker component renders the desktop version if the media query @media (pointer: fine) matches. This can be customized with the desktopModeMediaQuery prop.

There are certain caveats when testing pickers, please refer to this section for more information.

Form props

The time picker component can be disabled or read-only.

Time validation


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Some lower-level sub-components (ClockPicker) are also exported. These are rendered without a wrapper or outer logic (masked input, date values parsing and validation, etc.).

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The seconds input can be used for selection of a precise time point.


See the documentation below for a complete reference to all of the props and classes available to the components mentioned here.