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Data grid - Row ordering

Drag and drop your rows to reorder them.

Row reordering lets users rearrange rows by dragging the special reordering cell.

By default, row reordering is disabled. To enable it, you need to add the rowReordering prop.

<DataGridPro rowReordering />
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To capture changes in the order of the dragged row, you can pass a callback to the onRowOrderChange prop. This callback is called with a GridRowOrderChangeParams object.

In addition, you can import the following events to customize the row reordering experience:

  • rowDragStart: emitted when dragging of a row starts.
  • rowDragOver: emitted when dragging a row over another row.
  • rowDragEnd: emitted when dragging of a row stops.

Customizing the reorder value

By default, when you start dragging a row, the id is displayed in the draggable box. To change this, you can give a value to the __reorder__ field for each row.

const columns: GridColumns = [{ field: 'brand' }];

const rows: GridRowsProp = [
  { id: 0, brand: 'Nike', __reorder__: 'Nike' },
  { id: 1, brand: 'Adidas', __reorder__: 'Adidas' },
  { id: 2, brand: 'Puma', __reorder__: 'Puma' },

<DataGridPro rows={rows} columns={columns} rowReordering />;

Customizing the row reordering icon

To change the icon used for the row reordering, you can provide a different component for the icon slot as follow:

    RowReorderIcon: CustomMoveIcon,

Another way to customize is to add a column with field: __reorder__ to your set of columns. That way, you can overwrite any of the properties from the GRID_REORDER_COL_DEF column. The grid will detect that there is already a reorder column defined and it will not add another one in the default position. If you only set the field, then it is up to you to configure the remaining options (e.g. disable the column menu, filtering, sorting). To start with our suggested configuration, spread GRID_REORDER_COL_DEF when defining the column.

      ...GRID_REORDER_COL_DEF, // Already contains the right field
      width: 40,

This approach can also be used to change the location of the toggle column.

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