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How to get support for MUI X components, including feature requests, bug fixes, answers to how-to questions, and technical support from the team.


We use GitHub issues as a bug and feature request tracker. If you think you've found a bug, or you have a new feature idea, please start by making sure it hasn't already been reported or fixed. You can search through existing issues and pull requests to see if someone has reported one similar to yours.

Open an issue in the MUI X repo.

Stack Overflow

Visit Stack Overflow to ask questions and read crowdsourced answers from expert developers in the MUI community, as well as MUI maintainers.

Post a question about MUI X on Stack Overflow.

Technical support

When purchasing a MUI X Pro or Premium license you get access to technical support until the end of your subscription. Support is available on multiple channels, but the recommended channels are:

Including your Order ID in the issue helps us prioritize the issues based on the following support levels:

  1. MUI X Pro: maintainers give these issues more attention than the ones from the community.
  2. MUI X Premium: The same as MUI X Pro, but with higher priority.
  3. MUI X Priority support add-on (coming soon): Provides a 24h SLA for the first answer.